3 Tips to organize your emails like a pro — Decision Making

Love Sharma
2 min readJan 28, 2022

How many of you have trouble keeping your emails clean? Unread counts pull our focus and give us a hard time finding essential emails. And those unwanted or unread emails will even appear in your search results and pushes your important ones to the bottom of the list. In this post, I will share the top 3 tips to keep your email clean and require only 5 min/day to check important emails. Save time and invest in your future. The tips are about too many unread, unwanted (offers, newsletters, etc.)

#1: Unsubscribe Newsletter

Yes, when we visit blogposts or shopping websites, we often get tempted to follow the writer for more exciting articles or subscribe for exciting offers. Once you subscribe and start receiving the newsletter, you may notice it for the next couple of days, but eventually, you will ignore it. That newsletter will clutter your email and increase your unread count or unnecessary emails since then.

To tackle such an issue, once you start losing interest in that particular shopping website or writer, click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email in small font. If you do not find the “unsubscribe” link, mark it spam. It may take one time 30 secs max.

#2: Bookmark it, not to subscribe

Honestly, We do not have time to entertain all the writers’ newsletters, shopping offers, etc. Why subscribe to it? Instead, bookmark those links and refer to them when you have time to read your fav blog.

#3: Delete it, do not ignore or postpone it

If you are not taking any action on an email, delete it or Star it (For To-Do Items) if you are planning to take action later, for sure. Postponing the decision to keep or delete will also lead to cluttering your inbox.

Here are some categories, which are low-hanging fruit, i.e., straight decision to delete it.

  1. OTP (One-Time-Password) Emails
  2. Promotional / Offer Emails — Not buying anything for the next 15–30 days?
  3. Survey / Feedback Emails
  4. Follow emails: Did anyone follow you on Twitter? Delete and Unsubscribe
  5. Forum emails
  6. Newsletter: Read and delete it.


Do the above activities regularly; it may take 2–3 min or organize it, but it helps you when you need it. I conclude this learning; I hope you have learned something new today. Please do share with more colleagues or friends. Finally, Consider becoming a Medium member. Thank you!

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